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The Meeting, Incentives, Conference and Exhibition (MICE) Industry is extensively and rapidly Growing and is largely associated with travel for business purpose

Each different subsection of MICE has quite different characteristics but as a whole they are referred to as MICE Tourism

India is undoubtedly a unique Conference Destination as it offers cultural and heritage sites, the exotic and mystical, excellent facilities of beach and adventure holidays which can be combined as pre and post conference tours.

With the splendid Himalayan ranges in the north and endless stretch of Golden Beaches in the South, India is a vivid Kaleidoscope of landscapes, magnificent historical sites, royal cities, rich culture and incomparable hospitality

In India, while the incentive segment is ahead in the race, the other aspects of Mice are not far behind. A Number of Indian Business Groups and exporters regularly participate in International Exhibitions and fairs related to consumer products, handicraft and Jewellery. Such activities help them in launching new products attracting new clients, increasing sales and exchanging useful information

Who Are We?                                                    

Travel Line is comprised of professionals educated and trained in a variety of disciplines including strategic planning, budget management, meeting logistics, technology tools, international and domestic travel and contract negotiations. From main stage performers and musical direction to sound and light technicians, our teams are experts at what they do.

Working in account teams, we provide guidance on event management and event planning strategies to ensure that our clients see a return on investment and that the results of their meetings and events meet and exceed business expectations and goals.

Pioneering Total Event Management

  • Ideas
  • Creative Concepts
  • Venue Research
  • Contact Strategy
  • Delegate Management
  • Internet Registration
  • Registration
  • Badging
  • Print & Design staging
  • Full Technical Support
  • Speaker Support Graphics
  • Video
  • Simultaneous interpretation web streaming
  • Audience Response Systems Celebrity/guest link speakers

Where are you going?

Where are you going?

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